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display fading (MFD B, not bulb related)
Hi all,

Decided to upgrade my MFD to the 3 lines one (ECRAN B) and bought one from peugeot 307 (2003). Displays everything, e.g. mpg, temp, etc., but gradually the orange letters fade (become black and merge with background), especially around the edges. The wife has taken the camera at the moment, but will post one later.

It is not bulb related, as I can see the 3 bulbs working, if I take the white plastic apart. Thought it is a dodgy display and bought another one. Same thing, letters start to fade as heat builds up. If I turn up the heat from the car heater the fading becomes worse. My current display (2 lines, MFD A, 2007) works absolutely fine with the same bulbs. If the display is cooled down it works and then gradually (20min) fades.

Has anyone else experience similar thing with the 3 lines display? Is there any solution? There was a video on youtube to use a heat gun and try to re-seal the dry joints of the lcd connector, although the author said it did not solve the problem. Should I buy a connector and see if it helps or there is damage to the lcd from progressive heat over the years. I could buy 509T LEDs to see if this helps with the heat, but the heat from the heater will still be there.

Any help is more than appreciated.
smile, you are alive!
I have the same since upgrading mine. I find that if you press on the screen, the display becomes bright againn.

Haven't found a solution though
(12-10-2013, 07:06 PM)Coco Wrote:  I have the same since upgrading mine. I find that if you press on the screen, the display becomes bright againn.

Haven't found a solution though
Sounds like poor connection somewhere.
At least mine does not look like connection problem. Sure if I press on the screen, it seems like locally, where my finger was, it is alright for a microsecond or so.

What I read is that newer models have this sorted, but what year or display part number I do not know.

Have another display MFD B, but from Citroen C5/8, the one with green, instead of orange background and black letters. This does not fade at all. Only difference the background and black letters. Will replace colour diffuser at the back tomorrow to get orange background, letters unfortunately will have to stay black.
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A few pictures as well.

Citroen C5/8 non-fading display.

cold MFD B display

Hot, pretty much non visible letters
smile, you are alive!
I had the same problem with my original display, this appeared out of the blue after several disassemblies of centre trim.

Decided to replace with mentioned green C5 display but problem remains, for sure it is not a bulb related problem.

Sometimes I notice slight improvement and suspect some dodgy wiring but not to good with auto electrics.

Would be very grateful if someone could shed any light on this issue
There appears to be similar problems with other displays. As far as I can work out from the multiple cycles of expansion and contraction due to heat and the vibrations from the car the PCB ribbon could detach. Potential solution in the attached pdf.

Do not know if this will help, but as I have 3 displays I will try with one if I have time over the weekend.

Attached Files
.pdf   How to remove and re-attach LCD Ribbon from a PCB with a Fine Pitch.pdf (Size: 2.07 MB / Downloads: 60)
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Link to original article
as the pdf has some pictures obscuring the text (at least on my pc it does).

Stupid computer!
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Security system should fail dangerous!
(16-10-2013, 08:04 AM)crickleymal Wrote:  Link to original article
as the pdf has some pictures obscuring the text (at least on my pc it does).

Yes, apologies. Completely forgot to put the link.
smile, you are alive!
Hi All,

For those that have the orange 3 line display (EMF B, Multifunction Display B, Ecran B, 18 pin, etc.) and the display fades, I have a solution. Well, it is not quite a solution, as I do not really see how one can repair the LCD display.
I think this is pretty common with different Peugeot/Citroen EMF B (orange letters) displays and I could not find a solution anywhere.

The most common reason people suggest is the ribbon cable that connects the circuit board with the display and it ages, cracks, etc., or in other words it looses connection. This is not the reason. I ordered a new ribbon cable with a t-tip iron (40W) and a teflon strip. Replaced it and the fading was exactly the same. If there are missing lines or pixels, then probably it is the ribbon cable, but this is not the reason for the fading. Some say that the electronic circuit components are to blame, but I do not think so. If you heat the LCD only without switching the display at all, then switch the display and it has faded already.

The problem is with the LCD itself. I cannot be really certain why exactly, but it could be age, glass separating, etc. Interestingly my 2005 Peugeot 307 (orange) display fades, but a Citroen C5 (green background , black letters) from 2001 does not fade at all.

I was using the Citroen C5 display for quite awhile without fading at all, but was not really happy with the colour scheme. One can convert the green display to be exactly the same as the orange one. I have posted a pdf with relatively detailed instructions. Unfortunately, I already did it and do not quite have the intermediate steps.

Briefly, one needs to peel off the polarizing filters at the back of of the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 307 displays. Stick the polarizing filter from the 307 to the Citroen C5 along with the orange diffuser and that is it. Perfect display, no fading. If anyone is interested I can post a description of how to put a new ribbon cable.

Good luck of you are going to do it. It is not too difficult.


Attached Files
.pdf   Citroen_Peugeot_EMF_B_fading_solved.pdf (Size: 10.28 MB / Downloads: 97)
smile, you are alive!
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