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Changed BSI on 2004 1.9 snag list
Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me just bought a 3rd hand 2004 berlingo 1.9d van. Done around 110,000

The sale seems honest enough but one past issue with the van was a water damaged unit which had been replaced with a scrap yard one. I now after a little research on here think this must be the BSI unit.

As described during the sale the unit means the incorrect mileage is displayed the paperwork backs this up ok and the van has passed two MOT,s since the jump in a few months so I am not too worried about that. The van will be well loved but if it runs for a year then that's ok anymore is bonus.

The engine starts sweetly runs well but after having a few days of trouble free driving I thought it best to go round and make a snag list so I can fix any niggles.

1. The remote locking not working on the plip. Changed the battery and tried position 1 and 10 seconds the key does not seem to want learn the van code.
2. The dashboard remote locking button is intermittent. Works occasionally then not at all. Not a big problem but think it may point to a corrupt BSI.
3. The van shows full oil level on the gauge but when I checked with the dip stick it looks a little overfilled perhaps half a litre over. Would this trigger a oil pressure warn if serious or could the BSI being uncalibrated mean it would not be displayed.
4. The dash on startup shows battery, brake ,seatbelt and engine management indicators as well as mileage service indicators am I missing anything like oil light indicator.
5. Although maybe I am being thick the timing on the interior lights seems all over the place switched it to zero for now.

I have seen the BSI reset process on here advised sometimes do you think this could clear up some of the problems or could I get myself in trouble with bigger problems trying it. I assume there are some mismatches due to changed unit in the van.

Everything else seems spot on so should I just put up with it and be glad after a week it at least runs ok.

Any advice much appreciated and I have just bought a haynes manual so happy to repay looking things up if asked.

Hello , I'll try some of your questions but don't think I can help much as I have a no BSI one.

1/ Cant help as I don't have remote locking.
2/ as above
3/ no oil pressure warning for being overfilled.
4/ Your oil light is an ariel like light, should flash on with the ignition self check also air bag warning light/ handbrake light
5/ Does yours have a variable time light setting ?, what is happening with it ? Should come on when the door opens and off when shut OR it stays on for a short time after shutting or until key is put in the igniton

Hope this helps a little
I'd like to know how to switch the interior light timing too.

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