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Number Plate Bulb
Has anyone out there any idea of how to remove the tailgate door card on a 57 plate multispace forte, I need to change number plate bulb,Haynes says remove grab handles,it doesn,t have them,drivers hand book says remove screws on plastic cover,no screws!I don,t want to wreck it so I hope some one out there can help.Cheers
I removed the door card with a screwdriver and long nosed pliers.
(Mind your fingers!)
Only removed half, as you can get your hand in and squeeze the clips that hold the light assembly in.
I replaced the bulbs with LED's (see my other posts) as they give a better light and should (?) out-last the vehicle.
Good luck.
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  • saturn
Thanks for that,being new to the car I did,nt have the confidence to do it without a bit of advice,
No problem, Sam.
Mine is a 57 van, so back doors are different, but think the principle is the same.
The round plastic clips can be difficult to prise out, but managed not to break any.:thumbsup:
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  • saturn
On a Mk2

Gently lever them out with a wide bladed screwdriver or nail lifter - you need to take them all out.

Peel aside the membrane inside and then you will be able to get your hand to the three nuts that hold the number plate lamp holder on. Undo these and you can then remove it and gain access to replace the lamps. Obviously just reverse the process to put it all back together.

Be aware - the nuts referred to (8mm from memory) are very difficult to get to and virtually invisible. Keep the tailgate as near horizontal as you can and then when (not if !!) you drop them they won't fall into the bottom.
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  • saturn
Thanks all for your help,I will let you know how I get good or bad!
Coco was spot on except the nuts are 10mm, plus I would make sure you have some spare clips as I broke a few,but that may be just clumsy me Maybe a job for a Gyneacologist?
Did you replace with LED bulb.
Never need to touch it again....

What type LED's did you get and where did you get them?

I bought so called "heavy duty" ones with 4 LED's per fitting for my sidelights and number plates for the very reason you said and they lasted no longer than normal lamps.

If yours are any good I'll get some for when the current lamps blow - won't be long now they've been in for 6 weeks !!

Hi Coco,
Are yours different with being a tailgate, not doors?
Mine are same as sidelights, interior lights, etc.


Can't remember which I used.Confusedcratch:

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