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2007 1.6hdi fuel consumption
I have a 2007 berlingo 1.6hdi , its jsut been service as ive only bought it. I notice its not great on fuel. it holds 60 litres, and so far i have done 230 miles on 1/2 a tank. Does this seem normal. I drive under 2000k revs, and never go over 60mph and van is never loaded as all i carry is 2 camera's lenses and usally do long runs. I like the van to drive but the fuel worries me as i have a punto sporting which does better than it. What should i get to a fill ? I also read of a problem with a EGR valve sticking open but the van isnt smokey.................
I think something like this has been asked before. 460 off a tank sounds ok. Just do the usual checks such as tyre pressure, air con off, air filter (important) and so on.

If there are no signs that something is wrong, then dont doubt the van.

You could try one of those redex fuel cleaners, but im not sure how effective they are in reality.
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tyre pressure etc is grand, just i could screw 500miles from the old 1.9 engine, i thought the hdi would be better

Im also trying to find the egr valve to take it out and clean it but havent a clue where it is. Anyone have a pic of where it is
look at the silver metal flex pipe that goes into the intake manafold. (towards the back left)

follow that back. everything is behind the engine
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  • AntoModded
Thanks, its where you said it was
Hi Anto,
I have the same van and can get 650 miles out of a tank doing motorway miles @ 65mph.
If I was brave (and carried a spare gallon) I think it would do 700.
At that speed on the motorway it is probably at its most economical doing close to 60mpg.
Work it out...
12gallons x 55mpg = 660miles
12gallons x 60mpg = 720miles
If you are getting 460 out of a tankfull, then that is only 38mpg.
I would expect more on a motorway journey carrying no weight.
If you start doing 75+mph it will drink fuel.
Do the checks Andre suggested:thumbsup: and I use Redex cleaner too.
Again, can't say how good it is, but doesn't make it worse!Confusedcratch:
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(08-06-2011, 08:42 AM)j90xxx Wrote:  Do the checks Andre suggested:thumbsup: and I use Redex cleaner too.
Again, can't say how good it is, but doesn't make it worse!Confusedcratch:

Hey up Martin, thinking of trying an additive in mine.
What do you think of the Redex?
Have you tried Forte? used that on occasions in the old Pug and it seemed to improve things a bit, just a bit concerned about the injection system with the HDI's as a bit less tolerant than the old regime...

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Hi Andy,
Used 2 bottles of Redex in first 2 tankfulls when got the van.
Not used Forte.
Was given, (like free stuff!) STP injector cleaner at Santa Pod.
Not tried it yet as not filled tank up.
Recommended to use every 3000 miles.
Worth a try....:thumbsup:
Used to enjoy the old Redex with me old Escorts.

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Hope for a nice clam day and next morning fire the beast up in the street, let it rev and watch the grey genie appear....magic stuff. Hope nobody had got their washing out on the line Hee Hee
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Naughty Womble.

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