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Van tyre ratings?????
My Berlingo is up for PSV and was told by my mechanic that I needed proper van rated tyres on the rear.
On the drivers side door post there is a sticker giving the size of tyres required:- 175/65R14 C88/90T which I had fitted. But when looking at the tyres today I noticed that instead of reading 88/90T it reads 90/88T.
Have they supplied me with the correct tyre or not?
Will the van pass PSV with them on?

2004 Berlingo 600 Enterprise
Confusedafesex: If in doubt flat out!!Confusedafesex:
Hi Roly,
The rating on your tyres relate to the load rating (the 88 bit) and the speed rating (the T bit).
The difference between 88 and 90 is 560kg and 600kg.
The speed rating of a "T" tyre is 118mph.
As for the other markings the 175 is the width of the tyre in mm and the 65 is the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width, in this case 65% of 175mm. (114mm, roughly!)
The "R" is for radial and the 14 is the diameter of the rim in inches.

I have Toyo Proxes CF1 on my van; 175/65R14 82H.
So 130mph, but only 430kg.
They are on the front; not replaced the rears yet.

Hope this helps.:thumbsup:
Thanks Martin
It is the load rating that I am concerned about. The van is a 600 enterprise so that is 600kg. I take it that 88/90T is the same as 90/88T? Confusedcratch: If so they are good to go Confusedunny:
I do have 175/65R14 82H on the front as well but was told that is ok, its just the rears need to be rated properly.

2004 Berlingo 600 Enterprise
Confusedafesex: If in doubt flat out!!Confusedafesex:
just found out that it does not matter if it is 88/90T or 90/88T, it means the same thing :lol:

2004 Berlingo 600 Enterprise
Confusedafesex: If in doubt flat out!!Confusedafesex:
Correct, Roly.
That's the impression I got.
Not due for rear tyres yet, but will make sure rated correctly.
Don't carry much weight at moment; but you never know...:thumbsup:

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