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EGR fault, P0400/P0402 on 2005 2.0HDi
Help guys i'm really stumped with this one!

It started after we used the Berlingo to jump someone elses car, so possibly an electrical fault? Or just coincidence?

It does the usual siemens trick, into limp mode then EML on sometime after.

What i've done - replaced EGR valve, but with a valeo one, although part no correct, 1628JZ.

Replaced MAF with a new one, Siemens OEM.

Changed EGR control Electrovalve, tried with 2 others from my 406 coupe, known to be good.

It's now worse that when i actually blanked the EGR off with plates, at least then it drove ok until it went into limp mode, now its driving like a dog. Sometimes when you put your fooy down theres nothing, back off on the accelerator and it'll pick up.

I've read live data on lexia, the only things i think abnormal are the injection flow values, 2 of them constantly around 100.86% and do not alter, the other 2 fluctuate around 96-100.86%. Is this normal? As when reading injector correction levels on the HDi coupe they read 1%-2%, but this is correction levels not flow levels.

The other thing, more importantly, is the EGR levels, driving at a constant speed it will jump randomly from 95% to 10%, then to 72% etc! Surely not right? Where does it get these readings from? The MAF or the Electrovalve? Is there any fuses for anything related i could be checking as i cant see any related in the handbook.

Many many thanks for any help! Very much apperciated!
Start simple, do a BSI reset.
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As in disconnect battery for 20 mins? Or overnight?

I'm familiar with the BSI reset on the HDi coupe but is it any different on the Berlingo?

Also, have you had 6 "good" starts? i.e. start, switch off, remove key, wait ten seconds and restart sequence
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(09-01-2014, 11:09 PM)Coco Wrote:

Also, have you had 6 "good" starts? i.e. start, switch off, remove key, wait ten seconds and restart sequence

We have indeed. Plus I've cleared the fault 8 times with lexia. But it comes back very soon after start up now. It's driving so badly (chuggy and permenant limp mode too) that we've had to give up driving it till it's fixed. Mrs is on the bus for now.

I just can't get my head around it! I'm tempted to try another brand of MAF, possibly new one is duff? But what's the chances of both MAFs I have now behaving the exact same way?
This fellow owners, is hopefully solved!! Garage had a look and said the pipe work that actuates the turbo was all full of gunk. Am I right in saying the turbo regulates itself with boost? There's no vacuum controlled electrovalve? Will pick it up tomorrow and report back. It's a shame I haven't come across much information on how our 2.0 HDIs work as I'd of looked myself. I just presumed The turbo was electronically motorised as I couldn't see an electrovalve connected to the vac pump for it.

These Siemens ECUs really are cack hey? Fancy throwing an EGR fault for this?? There was nothing wrong with the EGR side of things all along. A Bosch ECU would have logged a P0245 turbo under boost and I'd of had some idea where to look rather than paying £200 for new EGR valve, electrovalve, MAF and CTS. Siemens ECU was definitely a step backwards!!
What is even more peculiar is that Bosch and Siemens is basically the same company!
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did this get sorted
Hi everybody.
Unfortunately I have the same problem. I bumped into wall, nothing serious but there was a "bum". After about 30 kilometers I lost power. Lexia shows me P0402 - EGR flow incorrect - permanent fault. So far I tried -> cleaening the strainer in tank and check every hose if did not lose the connection. But of course I found nothing. yesterday I have decided to blind the EGR, cleared the faults, for about 20 kilometers ok, then lost power and about 100km got the engine led. Today I looked if the piece of metal I have made for blinding the EGR is still there, it is and EGR is still blinded.
Tomorrow I have to travel 150km, hope I will arrive at least in limp mode, we´ll see. Anyway...where can I locate the hose that activates the turbo? I would like to check if it is clear or not (already 315 000km on tacho so perhaps it will be also full of gunk, I am second owner, I doubt that the previous one cleaned it even once). I was under car today and there is bad approach, hope I can fix it by myself. Any advice will be really good.
Also this...I checked electronic under pressure pump and to one small hose there is no under pressure and I think that that hose is connected to turbo, but I am not sure. Can anyone tell if this turbo is activated with boost itself of via under pressure? I showed that fault to one of my friend and he said that I don´t have enough pressure from turbo, so now I am wondering where the problem could be.  Huh
Thanks in forward!

edit: I have 2005 2.0HDi RHY, Siemens powered engine

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Berlingo 2005, 2.0 HDi, 312k km
Valve is on a bracket at the front of the engine fairly low down near bell housing

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