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My Berlingo
Some pictures of my Van . Not in the best nick visually but it runs great and my boss (previous owner) would fix anything mechanical straight away .

This is my First effort at ply-lining . I used the original plastic covers as templates

[Image: DSCI0226.jpg]

[Image: DSCI0227.jpg]

[Image: DSCI0228.jpg]

[Image: DSCI0224.jpg]

As you can probably see the shelving is not as good as i hoped. The finish is very rushed. Next time i have to ply line i will take more care and smooth every edge and really do a top notch job . As always tho i got carried away with doing it and just wanted to finish and see it completed. Their was a plastic matting that came with the van so i didnt bother ply lining that . I prefer the plastic to be honest . I put the shelving 20 ml off the floor so i can slide the matting underneath . The bulk-head was all metal before i got it so it was only wing mirrors in use. I put myself a mesh window in because i cant drive without seeing through the back .

Now for me to pick the brains of people who know what they are talking about . Im up for fixing things myself .

[Image: DSCI0225.jpg]

Does anybody know what this cable above is?

[Image: DSCI0223.jpg]

Could some1 explain to me what these 2 aerials are? It used to be a Gas Board van so im thinking maybe 1 was a CB or something . The main arial in the front got snapped off a while ago.

[Image: DSCI0209.jpg]

This cable is behind the stereo taped to the aerial. Anybody know what its for . Im guessing its for a different type of stereo but not sure.

[Image: DSCI0214.jpg]

The blue attachment is for the AUX output that goes to my Mp3 player . What goes in the other slot next to it ?

[Image: DSCI0221.jpg]

Dash Speaker. How do i know what type of speaker I.E size or model number to look for?

[Image: DSCI0218.jpg]

My Haynes Manual .lol

Apologise in advance for flooding this thread with questions etc .

Fair play that looks ok to me, I'm after a new van so I might have to fit it out, but I will have to get a mate to do it for me as my diy skills are pretty poor!
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The ply lining on the sides was 6ml ply and all i did was stencil the original plastic covers which were identical size . All the strength holding it in place is from a piece of wood i ran through a groove that runs horizontally across the side of the van . I fixed that in place by screws an washers. Then my ply lining screwed lovely into the wood i had just put in . Apart from the 2 screws ans washers in he middle the rest are plasterboard plugs screwed through the holes that were already there. The bulkhead i wish i could have done a bit better. I had the idea of getting a thin strip of rubber to go in-between the 2 pieces of inch ply . Still on the look out for some if any1 has any ideas. Didn't fancy using silicone

Glad to have you on board.

The antenna that you ask about looks like a mobile phone attachment, which would also account for the cable you ask about which would go to it and the extra cable behind the stereo would also be linked into this system, possibly to mute the stereo if a call was being made.
ahhh makes sense. Seeing as it is a ex gas board van i imagine a lot of work was done via phone calls to office etc . Loving my van , van over car any day . The car is all ziiip and sharp . the van is all grunt .
Is it the standard stereo? But with mp3 attachment?

Just intrigued as would like a better way to connect an mp3 player than a tape adaptor.

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I think its a stereo my boss bought for it . Its a blaupunkt lausanne cd31 . I dont think its anything special its just it has a AUX output in the back . Its nice to have the output but the cable just comes out the back of the bit under the glove compartment. not the neatest set up. At least with cassette its all in the front
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The socket next to your aux out, on the rear of head unit is for optional remote controls. I have installed 25mm tweeters in the dash you can get nice adaptors for the citroen plugs on ebay..... Think Lemsworld did an installation guide on this forum... search dash tweeters??

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