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Turbo on 1.9 D
Hi All, this is my first post on this brilliant and very informative forum! I have a Mk2 1.9 (DW8, I think?) that hasnt got much power up hills and the like! I know it is inherent in this engine. Ive looked at all the other posts about boosting performance on this engine, but I was wondering if I could fit a turbo to my 165k engine, or fit a new engine with a turbo or more powerful engine?

Thanks in advanceBig Grin
prob better to just upgrade
Generally thought to be easier & cheaper to buy a new vehicle with the engine in that you want. If you insist on keeping what you have, then find a good XUD turbo diesel and use that
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  • capeuk
Thanks, so Coco, if I went the XUD route could I just 'bolt in' a new engine or would I have to upgrade the gearbox, drive shafts, wiring loom etc... ?
I have the same engine 1.9 with no turbo so I know what you mean Capeuk. it has very little guts to get you up the hills. I will be looking to upgrade to a posher Berl in the next 6 -12 months.
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The gearbox will bolt straight on, but there might be an issue with driveshafts. I believe that the TD ones are stronger to cope with increased power. A trawl through other diesel or PSA based sites or a bit of time in Servicebox should give you the answers.

The wiring shouldn't be too bad if you get the loom with the donor engine. Remember that the exhaust will be different also the intake may be different.

Not impossible, but easier to buy what you want in the first place.
Cheers coco, It doesn't seem like to bad a job, but i guess your right, it would be easier to go for the right one in the first place, but this is my first berlingo, and I wasn't sure if I'd like it as much as I doBig Grin,
I've spent money (though not very much) on my custom /diy paint job, and I need to go over it with a few more coats, so I'm not sure anyone would want it in its present state? I'm happy with it in it's rough first coat state, so I now wanted to sort out the power issues, as I have to drive it most days and I dont car if the paint job gets criticism, I just want more power!!
I think I'll have to bite the bullet get the paint job finished, sell it, buy another more powerful berlingo, and buy a few more cans of Rustoleum. shame because then I wont have the only RAL 5015 berlingo in existence, but at least it will have more oomph!

Did you ever attempt to fit a turbo engine in the end? (I'm thinking of the same).

Rustoleum - reminds me of my old VW camper days....happy times...
I would guess not, as the cost involved. Its makes more sense to sell the vehicle and purchase another. 2.0HDI is the only way. :-)
Can't just clamp a turbo onto a normally aspirated engine, need to sort out compression ratios etc and if the engine is becoming worn/high mileaged the extra demand on it might just send it to an earlier grave....
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