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they grow up fast... the first 10k
Well reached its first milestone the otherday! And thd double bonus of the service light also coming on....

[Image: IMG_20140217_180114_zpse7d7c935.jpg]

deliverd on 20/12/13 with 8 miles!

So its been a good first 10k avg of around 40 mpg has unfortunatly been bumped aswell..... twice in the same week!! Nothing major just paint damage really one my fault one someone backed into me!

But one thing im now unsure of is the service onit, we have another thats slightly older (sept 13) and the trip on that is at 12k? But mine seems to be 10k? Any reason for this? The other also now has its service light on for 12k aswell so they will get sdone together now just odd theres 2k difrence between them when they are both the same van and ironicly the same build date of july 2013!
On some cars the comp goes by type of use as well as mileage.Is the Berlingo that clever?Confusedcratch:Confusedalut:
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If this is an HDi I would do an oil and filter change every 6000miles.
I believe the recommended service interval is 12000miles.
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When was it first registered? I bet it was 12 months ago and thats why the service light came on before reaching 12k miles.

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its 2 months old registerd december 2013 and came with just 8 miles onit

but was built in july 2013 going off the docs etc that came with the van!

anyway its now on 11k! (or will be by the time iv got to the fuel station in the morning)

will be leaving it till 12 now, spoke to Peugeot (its a partner) and they basically said some were some were set at 10 and 12k? they recommend every 12k or 12 months whatever comes first, its a 1.6 hdi
I have a 63 plate Berlingo enterprise, delivered november 13, was on 235mls (distance from fridge conversion to us) had it's first service at 12500, which is the mileage ours counted down to when you first start up, we are now on 18,000mls so ready for the next service in 6,000mls time, theres no way I could do mine every 6,000mls as it'd be a monthly service

how are you finding it, mine has averaged 38MPG the life of the van (but that's all back roads-up and down the box)
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....
Hi ATL yours is only 5 weeks older than mine then!

Mpg is around 40mpg does mainly the same town/back roads and short trips up and down the motorway

and yep so far so good, do feel it is slightly under powerd at times but is better than my old 1.3 nemo/bipper

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