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change wheel bearing my self?
Hi there

Time for a wheel bearing change.. noisy noisy Smile
I was reading it takes "tons" of power to take it off and push the new on in...

So i can forget doing this myself in garage with "normal" tools?
I could not find anything in the *.mht (service manual) files
My Car INFO:
2005 Mod
Volum: 1360 KW: 55 HK: 75 Fuel: Gasoline
My wheel bearing needed changing , i took the hub off , brought a good quality bearing and asked a local garage to push the old one out and the new one in , £20 job done ! Taking the hub off is not a bad job if you are handy with your spanners , but the bearing is best pushed out with a press !
Hope this helps
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  • ron
I did mine last week, I have a 20 tonne press and would have struggled without it. You need to take the whole suspension strut off and press the old bearing out and the new one in. You also need to press the hub into the bearing. I did it once using a large vice, but bu88ered up the vice!
You will find that the inner race will also be stuck on the hub, you should use a special puller to get it off, but I cut a slot in mine with a thin cutting disc and then gave it a good smack with a hammer and cold chisel. You don't have to cut right through the inner race as it will crack quite easily once it has been weakened.
Before you re-fit the strut, press the hub into the bearing, it saves you having to remove the strut a second time..... don't ask!
Doesn't your hub come off the strut? Its easier to manhandle then .
I changed a front wheel bearing with nothing more than a hammer and soft punches once the hub was off, I used the old outer casing to tap in the new bearing after giving all contact surfaces a good clean with emery cloth, a certain degree of luck and patience is also required. I also replaced a complete hub, complete with bearing / circlip and flange already fitted, ordered over the fone from Citroen for £200, it arrived in the post and took 20 mins to fit, thats a good deal when you consider its usually £120 to have a bearing only fitted in a garage.
Hi there, and thanks for the replies.
Seems like i don't have the right tools, to bad, cus i love to fix what i can fix. it is also a money saver to do it myself
But i ordered a appointment on a carShop. They just take the whole car
239 British pounds including parts, work. Not to shabby (place sweden, 2600 SWEDISH KRONER)
My Car INFO:
2005 Mod
Volum: 1360 KW: 55 HK: 75 Fuel: Gasoline
Having the tools is half the battle....

Tip .. If you find the outer race is left behind in the casting just run a bead of weld around the inner face of the bearing race to shrink it and it will then tap out.

Another tip - don't burn through the race with the weld so that the weld reaches the hub whatever you do or it will never come out ( unless you have even more tooling - it will wash out with care using an oxy acetylene cutting torch ).

Fitting the bearing - you can of course heat up the casting to expand it which makes bearing entry a lot easier but you must work quickly and have all the tools to hand - have a dry run first to make sure. 150* C will be fine.

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