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First day and broke down hdi
Picked up a 2002 Hdi today done a few start stop journeys been fine. Came to start it earlier and it fired up lovely ran for about 5 seconds then just cut out. It won't restart engines just turning over now :-(

Not had chance to look at anything yet but any tips were to start? Also if it was a electric pump failure would the car stop suddenly it did not struggle like when you get fuel starvation. Its a new record for me in the time from buying a car to breaking down :-(

Oh tried both keys too, no warning lights on dash
How's the fuel level?

Does it cough or even catch and run with ether spray?
Not had chance to try any spray yet but it does not cough or try to fire just turns over.

The guy said the fuel guage was dodgy and it read a quarter when empty and over full when full, This seems accurate as when u switch ignition on it jumps straight to quarter full then rises to above half. When I get chance in morning I will check it has fuel first but it did not splutter just instantly died
Check all electrical connections on the engine.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Worth checking if it won't catch on the spray, is your timing belt, turn the motor over to check it has compression if the belt is intact.

Got home from work this morning switched ignition to on position to listen for pump no pump noise also the relays under bonnet doing nothing. Tried the acident switch thing then tried to start it still not firing.

Checked all fuses wiggled wires to relays and generrally making sure everything is tight making good earth etc wiggled fuse box in car etc. Switched ignition on and voila I hear the relays under bonnet click turn engine over a coule of coughs and its back to normal.

Whats worrying me now is I cant replicate the fault by moving the wires whilst missus turns ignition on and off so bit wary of my 50 mile round trip to work !

Another couple of points that might be related I still cant hear the pump in the tank and just before I came into the house I pulled the fuel cap off oi check the key fitted it and if released a bit of prsssure not a massive amount but a definate gargle.

Sorry for the essay off to bed now so see what its like when I get up then steal the wifes car for work :-)
Still starting 8 hours later, not used it for work though
'Another couple of points that might be related I still cant hear the pump in the tank...'

Dannybee, there is no pump in the tank on Siemens injected cars, of which I'm pretty sure all Berlingos are, so you won't hear anything there!

So no relays clicking or anything in engine bay? Could it be the power supply relay?
Cheers Jimberlingo that explains why I can't hear the pump :$

So it looks as if I cured it by just pushing the relays and fuses about also the fusebox in the car. Maybe it was a earth/live problem as u say? I could do to get a diagram of which relay is which then maybe carry a spare

The fuel relay was definately doing nothing when it was a non starter messing with the above untill the relay clicked on has cured it so far just a bit nervous with it now. Next job is to clean all the connections and earth up etc maybe use a bit of wd40 on the terminals?
DO NOT use WD40 on the bl**dy terminals!

WD40 leaves a residue that may actually cause connection problems.
Use an 'electronics cleaner' og 'contact cleaner' instead.

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