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Dash Display
The centre dashboard display "radio, fuel, time etc." is getting dimmer. Used to happen when the sun got on it but now most of the time so that its hard to read in daylight. Still dims when lights are turned on. Any ideas or is it just a case of replacing it? Many Thanks
On Mk3 you press down on the left hand button below the main dials to make it brighter
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
Could be some of the bulbs have blown.
Easy to replace and readily available for a couple of quid, think theres a tutorial on here to do it.
Agree with BerlingoHDI sounds like the bulbs, I put some LEDs in mine as they kept blowing..

Link for the howto
2005 Enterprise 600 1.9D - It did 85 once but started to smell funny.
Theres also the automatic dim function when the lights have been turned on -this could be misbehaving.
The fabled bsi reset might cure it.
Thanks for the replies. I have replace the 3 bulbs and everything worked fine BUT once it has been on for some time (particularly if the sun is on the dash heating it) the lights are failing/dimming so that the display is not readable. This happened yesterday and today when I got in and switched on the display is fine again. I drove for 45 mins approx and it has dimmed/ failed again. Any suggestions please. Graeme
And I wanted to ask something else. Is the display suppose to light up at night? Mine doesn't when the headlights are on. I need to turn the interior light to read it.
Yes it is illuminated at night with the headlights on but it is dimmed a little.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Oh so I guess one of the 3 bulbs is blown or is there something else that illuminates the surrounding?

Edit: Never mind, I took the facia off and found all 3 bulbs are working. Now that I think about it my display does get really nice a bright when the sun is shining on it, after that its really hard to read, and I also was unable to figure out how its illuminated during night time as there are only 3 bulbs. It doesn't matter I will be probably throwing it away now that I decided to do more on the car. Halfords have silly prices they wanted 2gbp for 2 1.2w bulbs. Went there to buy brake cleaner as well just to see its 8gbp. Screw this company!
As for a helpful tip, I rather wire up my own bulb that comes up when the headlights are on (or just put it on a switch) and it's pointing directly at the display for the ultimate effect Smile Retro

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