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Squeaky Clutch
For many years the clutch has had a tendany to 'squeak' on take up. It's only apparent if I deliberately let the clutch slip a little.

The clutch hasn't go noticeably worse over time but hasn't got any better, it's just a little bit annoying.

Any thoughts as to what the cause is? Don't think it's clutch plate wear as it'd have got worse; don't think it's contamination as I'd have thought this'd burn off over time and get better. No oil leaks or oil loss. Is there anything else that could sueak on take up that isn't the clutch?

Is there any juddering that you can feel? If it is just a small "squeak" then it could just be the cable or pedal mechanism rather than the clutch itself. Otherwise, the release bearing but perhaps unlikely given that it has been going on for so long.
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If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

If its the same as my previous bingo. If you get your head down in the footwell and look at the clutch pedal mounting you'll see a plastic fitting with a spring on the pedal. The inner plastic spigot runs through a plastic inner iirc and the plastic rubbing together causes the squeak. I used some silicone spray and after a few applications the squeak subsided.

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