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Mk3 59 plate XTR.

When I have the heating control set for the footwell, I get hot air from footwell and the dash vents if they are open, fan on or off.

From reading other threads the Berlingo doesn't seem to have a great heater, but the footwell output doesn't seem very efficient and I wonder if there is something come adrift and instead of the hot/cold air coming out of just the footwell it is coming out of the dash as well.

Is this correct please?

Secondly only when driving over 50ish (I suspect) with thermostat set to hot, if the fan is on 3 I get a cold draught coming about midway up the steering column where there is a indention.

If fan is off or below 3 there is no draught (or I'm not noticing it).

Shone a torch first from the bulkhead to see if it could be seen inside, nothing and did the reverse again nothing.

If I use fan when stationary and there is no cold draught.

Is this to ensure fresh air gets into the car?
Multispace B9 2009 1.6HDi
It's normal PSA design to have the dash vents functional on any setting of the heater/aircon, try closing them as required. Can be really annoying! Balancing with air from the windows (weathershield time?) is one solution.
Yeah it drives me crazy too.

Everytime I want to clear my windscreen quickly , I have to remember to close the dash vents.

The heater does take a while to get going, compared to my old 1.9D. I think this is because modern engines run cooler due to greater efficiency.
Thanks for the answers.

It seems the dash vent is correct. so that part solved.

This is when the engine is hot. Any ideas about the cold draught from midway up the steering column when travelling at speed but only with the fan on 3 or higher?
Multispace B9 2009 1.6HDi
I can only think you have a leaky dash vent on the pipework somewhere.

I do know its going to be very difficult to diagnose unless of course your capable of searching for a leak under your dash whilst driving blind at 50 plus :-D

Does the draught go away if you use just the wind screen blowers setting? And with the dash vents open or closed?
thanks again, I'm going to try to have a look at the pollen/carbon filters.

But I'm in a dilema for doing the job, I downloaded the pdf file from the pollen thread but there is no pic for removing the facia bits.

Also my manual has a pic showing something highlighted in the drivers footwell but the description says it is below the glove box (this is surely the passenger side?).

Multispace B9 2009 1.6HDi
(17-03-2014, 03:13 PM)magoo Wrote:  Also my manual has a pic showing something highlighted in the drivers footwell but the description says it is below the glove box (this is surely the passenger side?).

I guess translated directly from French so refers to left hand drive car.
Strange how they change the pic for right hand but no the text. Anyway.

I've managed to get the fascia bit off.

For future ref; remove the three round studs ( a centre portion will rise and then pull, out it comes), there are also three locking lugs,

I've put that all back as I noticed the foam edging looked as if it hadn't seated correctly, squashed on one side, unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to see if it is seated correctly.

I'm on stretch of road tonight where I should be able to see if I have seated it correctly and solved the problem.

or I maybe need new filters, but I'll wait until I have a good few hours as the filters seem almost impossible to get out, I triode to remove the air flow pipe (as on at the other thread ) but it didn't come out easy so left in situ, which makes the job harder.
Multispace B9 2009 1.6HDi
A few checks last might when conditions allowed.

It seems worse when switched to the fascia vents, hot air comes out of them but a cold draught in the gap on the steering column, only seems to happen on fan speed 3, but further testing needed.
Multispace B9 2009 1.6HDi

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