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central locking fault
i have a problem with my central locking,, the dash door light is always on so its reading that a door is open when they are all shut, when i go to lock it it locks but opens again,, i've checked for damaged wires and bad earth but seems to be fine,, i'm assuming its the drivers door but cant tell which door is reading open. i belive the sensors are built into the lock switch so is their anyway i can check them out,, i've pulled out the fuse so i can lock each door manually but its a pain in the arse,,, can anyone help.. cheers
Have you checked the solenoids on the locks. If you take off the door card and see if it's moving when you lock the car. If it is moving but not fully or not at all unplug it and try locking again and if the rest of the locks work then that solenoid needs replacing. Have you checked the door shut switch inside the door jam?. Might just be a stuck switch there easy enough to check.
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where would that shut switch be,,, i cant seem to find anything other than the lock its self,, i checked for other wiring around the door jam but nothing,, your help is greatly appreciated, cheers,, i will check solenoids , tnx
Mines an old t reg so it's standard old push switches. I have never looked at the new one but it's possible it is built into the locking system which would explain why it always thinks the doors open.
I have the same problem and I still haven't fixed it. It seems to be worst during the winter period as its getting a little better now. I keep slamming the doors and so far the one that made most difference is pushing the door with my palm while locking it. I need to remove the door card really and inspect the wires, but yes as people said the whole thing is build into the lock.
(06-04-2014, 11:48 PM)Kokain Wrote:  most difference is pushing the door with my palm while locking it.

Maybe a simple resetting of the door catches / receivers will improve or perhaps even cure it ?
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i seem to have problem solved,, tnx all,,,i took out all the locks and cleaned and oiled them with WD40, put back in and on the passanger door it looked like the cylinder rod was riding a bit high so i adjusted it,, put all back together and hey presto,,, so tnx all
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