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Problems after fuel filter change.

I changed the fuel filter of my Partner 1.6 Hdi today and i am having problems after that.

First of all the engine does not start as good as before and there is an check engine light occuring: emission fault code

I am thinking it might be air getting in the system on the fuel filter connections. That can cause the starting problems... But can that also give it the check engine light?

Dont know what to do actually. I checked the connections and they are clicked in all the way. I dont have a fault code reader....

Any help would be nice. I can always go to the dealer but I changed the filter myself to save me some bucks Smile

The car is 4 years old and now had its first fuel filter change so i doubt that the fuel tubing is bad.

I had to disconnect the air mass but that one is plugged back in.

If you did not bleed the system correctly, the pump may have been damaged whilst you were trying to start the engine, these pumps require diesel to lubricate them. The issue may improve with use, the light may eventually go out, but it may be best if you get a garage to check the diagnostic faults stored
Strange things going on here. This morning the car started without any delay and the light went out.
It didnt come up again all day.

I purged the fuel system like i always do with my other (mk2) partner by using the rubber hand pump.
Had no issues with that car.

I hope it has solved itself. I try to find someone with a OBD2 scan tool to check for codes.

If it comes back I will let u know but for now I am again happy Smile

Thanks for the answer.


Found me a code reader.

2 codes were stored:

1: large fuel leak
2: fuel rail pressure low

codes are erased and are not comming back

Must of been air in the system.

Solved itself Smile
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