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1.6 hdi turbo/conrod trouble??
Hi there ive an 07 1.6 hdi that has done the bearing in in the turbo, is it possible now that it wont start that its taken in oil and bent conrods? its trys to fire up, the price of 2nd hand engines i was thinking about a full rebuild and turbo any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers
If the oil from the turbo was drawn into the engine it would probably run on the engine oil. If this did happen then the motor is likely to run out of control irrespective of it being switched on or off and rev its nuts off until something lets go.
To bend the con rods you would need a lot of liquid into the bores very quickly like driving in flood water and the engine would lock solid. A little oil in the inlet side of the turbo is quite normal.
Which came first the non-start or the knackered turbo?
Why do you say the turbo is knackered, are the vanes touching the housing or is it just sloppy?
Have you checked for fault codes?
Good luck.
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Hello twincamtam welcome to the forum it's unlikely the engine has bent con rod's if it had oil in the bore it would of run away if it's trying to start that a good thing take the air intake into the turbo off stick a tool in or you finger's in the hole see if the vain move's if it move's up or down side to side it' gone if it has when you take it off you need to check the oil feed pipe see if it's blocked if it is it's sump off to see if the sump pick up pipe need's to be cleaned or replaced when it's done keep it well serviced
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