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Tyre pressure advice
Hi, I have a 2010 xtr multispace. The sticker on the door jamb says that the pressures for the front tyres should be 2.4 and the rears either 2.3 or (I'm assuming if fully loaded) 3.2, which seems like quite a big difference. My tyres are Pirelli 215/55/R16/93V. My boot is pretty well stuffed with nursing kit, most of which is very light. I rarely have a heavy load in the back of the car - but occasionally carry bicycles, dog, etc. What would be a sensible all-round pressure for my tyres? I put them all up to 35psi yesterday, but should the back ones really be a bit higher? With the best will in the world, I'm not going to be rushing to the garage to stick more air in my tyres when I have a heavy load (unless it was exceptionally heavy, of course) so I just want a pressure that will suit for most situations.

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The pressures should be what they say on the sticker. I'd take heavily loaded as meaning 4 passengers with luggage. Don't forget that the forces on the rear tyres are relatively light compared to the front which takes the heavy weight of the engine and a greater percentage of the overall weight of the car, plus the forces that are created when you brake or turn, so they do need more air than the rears under most circumstances.

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I run a pest control businesses & probably carry a similar load; not heavy, just continual use. Given the disparity between light and full load - and I think a full load could weigh significantly more than I carry - I stick to 36psi all round.
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