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Won't start-help please
Hi all, hoping some one can help me out,

My 1.4 y reg berlingo has been parked up for about 6 weeks, always run fine with no issues to talk of.

Finally got in her last night and started fine, decided to give it a little run to make sure the brakes weren't sticking as I live by the coast, ran about a mile down the road and pulled in to a car park to turn around and head home.

As I turned around, the car made a bit of a noise and just stopped working, the engine just stopped, no spluttering or anything just stopped.

tUrned the ignition over, and it's turning over, dash board lights coming on but will not fire at all.

Put it in first gear and managed to turn it over enough to get it to the side of the road, so drive train, gearbox etc all fine.

When turning it over I noticed the hazards cme on automatically (never done this before)

Returned to it this morn gin and got in it, turned it over and again turning over strong but won't fir and the HAzard warning lights came on again.

Towed it home, check timing belt etc and all looks well, disconnected battery and reconnected and still the same, just won't start.

Checked other electrical components, and as well as hazards coming on when trying to start the heater is not coming on, nor is the rear demist switch lighting up. Everything else appears to be working.

MAin problem is I live on an Island North of shetland and no auto electrition on the same island so really need some help and advice

Hope some of you guys and give some advice,


(Not a clue as to which year that is... )
Is it one of the earliest, with plug leads, or does it have the coil-pack sitting across the plugs?

Which lights show up on the dash?

Have you checked all the fuses?
(under dash, and in the engine compartment, in front of the battery)

Do you hear the fuel pump working?

The high-pressure reservoir, does it have one or two tubes connected?
Hi,I'm not familiar with the petrol engine.Have you checked relative fuses,spark at plugs,fuel supply incl running out of same (I've been there)?I believe there is a red fuel cut off sw on the R/H? susp turret.
Give it a press before tearing your hair out,it'll save you a fortune on a wig.Good luck & come back to us if you have no luck.:thumbsup:Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Hi Ron,

Just pressed the red fuel cut off, that is never would have thought of and it now starts.

Noticed its fine when revving but as soon as I take my foot off the gas peddle it cuts out.

Not going to take it for a run tonight as it's getting dark and I'm in the middle of no where.

Will give it a test tomorrow, and let you know how it goes.

But so far it's looking good, touch wood. No need for that wig just yet

Many thanks guys
Good oh.As to the idle,or lack of,try putting some Forte or similar in the tank to clean out the fuel system.Change the fuel & air filters & spark plugs if age is unknown.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Might also be worth putting some fresh petrol in too
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Funny that as the hazards would point to an alarm imobaliser problem but good to get it running again
There are two Y Reg Years on DVLA SITE, 1982 OR 2001

Could be a faulty fuel pump or something to do with that line, start by giving it a additive plus new fuel as old fuel has a sludge that collects in the tank that can cause blockages.
Idle control valve initially is where I'd head...

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