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Horn Fitment: M49 - M59
I know the M59 horn is on a different bracket to the M49 horn, but how different are the mounting panel pressings between the two?

It'd be great to have the means for comparison but buying a scrap van to play with, is out of the question!

Thanks, Adam.
I've pressed on, regardless. Just got to wire it all in.


Hope it's left me enough room to refit the bumper without too much swearing.
And a more specific answer, having browsed a scrappy today (sadly without camera, as the battery was flat). I love a sunny day in the scrappy's.

M59 front metal is greatly different to the M49 below the headlights; the location of an M59 horn attachment is not there on an M49 in any recognisable form.

I augmented the picture above with a second electric horn, the pair are well loud but fitting a relay will bring them up further.
Back in the late 80s, a buddy of mine had a small Datsun (this brand is often nicknamed 'dattsønn' -which sounds almost the same - meaning 'fell apart'), and when his horn failed, he replaced it with TWO of the same model, front to front, no gap between them at all...

Man, what a horrible noise...
LOL, I raided a dead 206 for the pair of electric ones (420/512Hz).

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