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Pulling left steering faults
Little bit of long story so I'll make a short version, bought a van in 2012 and complained about the steering from day one pulling left, tracking has been reset loads now and always changes.

The van is now going back next week for a full system check and figures sent to Citreon as the dealership can't slove the issue, so far they say it's normal but I also have uneven tyre wear on all four, and at only 17,000 miles due to be replaced!!

I have read on some other sites that some people have experienced the same problem but never know what has happened after, if it was sloved.

It's been so bad for me iv even looked at handing it back and cutting my loses, so far I would never have another one.

Motorway driving is the worsed and when you have completed a long distance drive, your arm aches from holding the wheel.

Please help if anybody has had the same problem.
Hello Anthony welcome to the forum sorry to see your plite if they try to fob you off what you need to do is take it to a work shop or tyre company with a hunter alignment machine get the geometry checked they will give you a read out of caster camber etc if it's wrong they can put it right it will cost £70 £80 or tell they can't put it right because it's had other damage then you have some thing to go on you can then hand it back or if it's been put right try to make them pay the bill.
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Thanks for your reply, Citreon are having it next week, the garage say they will be sending figures to Citreon Techical, they are loaning me a Citreon dispatch and say I won't get mine back till the Techical department have sorted it.

I don't know if it will sort it but all under warranty, I can hand it back if pay half the arrgement figure which I'm close to and not much to pay. The experience so far with Citreon has put me off having another, the garage I first bought it off didn't want to know and was always fobbed off or told it's fine.
Things have only started getting done since taking it to another Citreon dealer, they said it's not to bad but I disagree will see what happens now.

Things have made me feel better as I now know I'm not only person out there with the fault.

You certainly are not the only person with this problem…

I think as Berlingo owners, we are tolerant, but by no means as tolerant as the Citroen assembly line is to suspension/steering settings!

My van sometimes "wants to" pull a bit left, then it goes again. I think it is road camber/surface related. Nothing found wrong at dealership.

I had a punctured tyre the other day. Rear left side. Swapped the spare over, then noticed the uneven wear on the outside 2" of tread! I measured it as 6mm dropping to 4mm. I then checked the driver's side. Yep, exactly the same! The van has done 12000 miles from new.

Took it to the dealership and after they put it on a hoist then took a test drive, the service manager said "they all seem to do that". Another customer listened to me and joined in with "mine's like that too"…

I've googled this and the net is full of Berlingo's pulling left and/or feathering the back tyres in small mileages. Everyone's fix seems different…"Keep the rear fully loaded". "Keep the rear empty". "Reset rear subframe"….The list goes on and on…

I will await your update to see if you get a fix, because I believe the pulling left and tyre wearing is all somehow related….
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The dealership rang me today, and said same as before. Somebody from technical also rang and asked me to describe the problem as he also test drove it and thought not much is wrong, so explained to him and also I stated maybe because the van is empty will drive different, iv noticed when I have more weight in the problem is worse.

This is the last thing I will be doing as I won't be getting another!!
They have lent me a dispatch and and I can say that drives 100% better.

End of story no fixes yet, computers all say ok just glad I'm not only one as I think I'm going mad
Citroen UK and dealers really should take heed of customers concerns and address them, in my opinion.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
There's got to be some thing wrong if the tyre pressure are right there's uneven wear and pulling to the left how do the tyre's wear on the out side middle or inside.
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UPDATE just picked up the van from the garage, they have had it since Monday and technical have looked at it drove it tested parts, and say it is all fine and can't see what I have describe so in others words nothing we can do.

The garage which has been very helpful have also said no we can't really suggest anything.

So my option now is keep for another 6 months and hand it back, and never go back, the time iv had a Citreon I wouldn't recommend anyone to get, far better vehicles out there for same money which drive a lot better!!

I will be writing a letter to Citreon to say my experience hasn't been a good one.
I don't blame you citroen don't do them self any favour's and they wonder why their losing money Confusedcratch:
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My Berlingo pulls to the left on UK roads, but last couple of of weeks I have been to France/Belguim/Holland & it was pulling to the right.

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