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A bit advice please.
A little over a year and a half ago, we got rid of our eight year old 2.0 hdi Berlingo Multispace and bought a petrol engined Vauxhall Zafira (ach, spit).
The Berlingo was having probs, only forty odd thousand miles on the clock, and no one seemed to be able to offer a solution, so it had to go.
Anyway, wifey is missing her Berlingo and would like to change back. My concerns are, she doesn't do enough miles to warrant a diesel engine, Current Zafira has less than 7000 miles on it. Also, when they do go wrong, no one seems to be able to accurately diagnose the problem and it becomes a lets change this and see if it works scenario.
I liked the Berlingo and I despise the Zafira. I'd switch cars tomorrow, just wondering what others think about using a diesel on a daily basis, but at relatively low speeds and not covering many miles. Any input gratefully accepted.
I've got a diesel and do not drive long distances at one go. Mostly city and country lanes. Averaging 48.7 mpg. I fill up in Germany as it is about 10% cheaper than here in Switzerland. Got 30K km on the car so far. I'd do it again.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Considered a petrol Berlingo? Works for me...
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We use our 1.6hdi daily, often several trips a day. Most trips are under 30 miles each way I'd guess, some are short hops of 5-6 miles each way but we've also taken it as far as Brittany - not there n back in a day of course! Both my wife and I drive it and enjoy doing so. No problems in using it daily.
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
For what I call "shopping trolley use" it's petrol that's best.I do little local use & that's why I have a diesel.BUT if you do the odd trip,say monthly,to blow out the cobwebs,think of a diesel.Confusedalut:
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I've had issues with the EGR on mine due to not doing appropriate journeys for the Diesel engine.
Once the finance is paid I will be selling and buying a petrol car of some sort- potentially another berlingo or similar as van based cars suit my lifestyle.
You can blank the EGR off or have it deleted if you don't like that idea then it's a petrol Confusedalut:
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