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[Steering & Suspension] nearside suspension
my 2004 berlingo went clunk on smooth tarmac and the rear suspension looks like its collapsed,theres no rear springs,the axle looks good as does the torsion bar and the shocks so wondered what it could be,i have a new axle incase from the scrappy

only thing i can see is that the bump stop had worn so bad its snapped into 2 bit of rubber

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Hello Simon welcome to the forum a recon one would be best the scrappy one you have mite be ok but you don't know how long it will last as it got grease nipple's on it if so grease it up. On your old one the torsion springs have broken in side also the rear brake's can be a pain to bleed Sad
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the rear brakes are going to be more of a pain because like a div i didnt think ahead and put the handbrake on and that was a while ago so they have seized solid,were abouts is the torsion spring,with the wheels off the axle looks completely level and the shocks rebound as they should,i live up a farm track but it was when i got on smooth tarmac a big metal clunk
There are three bars in the back, check them all for failure.

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