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Brake fluid question

In March I had my brakes serviced as during the Service Bristol Street noticed my brake fluid was low. When I opened the bonnet today I had a bit of a panic as the fluid that I could see (red-ish colour) was about 5mm below where it states 'Danger Level'. I had a panic and wondered why I had no dashboard warnings and why the brakes are working fine. I bought some DOT4 and tried to put some in but it wouldn't go past the filter so could it be that Bristol Street just topped up with clear fluid making me panic for no reason? To avoid problems I sucked up excess fluid with some kitchen roll.

All the brake fluid I've used has been clear, so it's a possibility, but shouldn't the liquid have mixed in the reservoir by now?
Hello Phillipd welcome to the forum are you sure it's brake fluid and not long life antifreeze
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What was the symbol on the cap you took off?
(25-05-2014, 10:19 PM)homeruk Wrote:  What was the symbol on the cap you took off?
It was definitely the brake fluid as it said it must be DOT4 and inside the neck was a filter.
How old is your vehicle?

Brake fluid tends to go off colour when it gets old and it can end up a dark brown when very old but red thats very odd.

I would change the brake fluid if i was you as a good starting point.
For a moment I thought " Girling Crimson " was back in production !!!

On a more serious note I'd strongly suggest that for peace of mind you go back to Bristol Street for the answer.
It seems Dot4 brake fluid is available in many colours...

Now, the stuff SHOULD have mixedso it should have had an even colour, with no clear fluid on top.
That it doesn't leads me to think that there may be something else also in the tank.
Maybe Dot5?
(Dot5 is silicone-based, the others are Poly Glycol based)

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