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Urgent BSI help
OK folks your urgent help is needed,

My 2007 1.6hdi started acting bonkers, wipers coming on when turn left, lights on the dash and antipollution indicator in the display, aircon not working, checked this forum and came to the conclusion that the BSI needed resetting, done this twice and it reverted back to the same faults.

I took the BSI out and found it had water inside, I sent this off to BBS Remain who has reported that whilst they have repaired the BSI there are still problems that can only be resolved by a factory reset and that they were unable to reprogram it.

So my choice is

Send it back with faults but possibly be able to drive it somewhere to be reset and reprogramed

Send it back factory reset and find someone to reprogram this at home

What do I do?
Were should I take it? or who do I call out? and how much should I pay?

Cheers folks I know you can help

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