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Lexia 3 and Diagbox software
Hi all,

Has anyone got a spare copy of the software that works or knows where I can download it, I bought a Lexia 3 on ebay and the software that came with it does not work. The activation codes are not recognised plus it will not install on my XP computer.
I have wiped the computer clean reinstalled XP then the lexia software but nothing seems to work.
The diabox software installs to the activation pages but when I enter the codes it says that there was an error installing Lexia 3 and I have to reactivate to get it working but when I do it just repeats the same message.

The activation codes that came with the Diagbox software are;
Lexia software

I am willing to pay for the copy plus postage if someone can send it to me and it has the correct activation codes.


I might be able to get ahold of a code, but you should really chase up with the seller in the meantime if the copy he sold you is already registered

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Thanks Andre,

The seller is Chinese so chasing them up would be futile, plus I just did a virus scan and the program contains a malware spybot so will not be using it & will need a "virus free" copy now.

The hardware is good though but I still have to try it on my car to find out if it works.
Welcome to the world of Chinese copies

Have you tried Google to see if anybody else has has the same problem and has a solution?
If you are paying under £150 for a Lexia with the Diagbox software, what you are getting is the original software with an old activation code that has been leaked on to the internet, which Citroen have now cancelled
If you can buy the software from Citroen, I bet it will be £1000's to buy

This leaked activation code will work just as long as you never allow the software to contact the Citroen activation servers or agree to automatically update itself - the easiest way to stop this is to block the internet while installing and when running the software

The installation procedure needs to be followed exactly, but the problem is that most of the instruction out there are in broken English and so can be difficult to understand what to do

I'm an IT Technician by trade and it took me two goes before I realised what I had to do and the correct procedure to follow

The scary01 code that you have mentioned is the one that I was given with mine

My advice is to try it again with the software version that you have been given (probably v7.01 or 7.02) and then test it on the car to make sure it is working before you attempt any updates from the additional update files that are on the DVD

After many hours, I eventually got mine from v7.01 to v.7.34

I'm looking to see if I can find my original software
Hi ntm1275,
My version is V6.01
I will try once more to install it without internet or virus protection turned on, I'm using an old computer so it doesn't matter anyway if it gets infected i can always wipe it clean. I have XP pro SP3 installed.
My cd did not come with a update but a patch am I supposed to copy this to C then install diagbox, then close diagbox then activate the patch then restart diagbox. I notice that on some how to install vids on youtube that they have both and they are both copied to C


v.6.01 is a very old version of the software
If your Berlingo is fairly new, it may not have the up to date settings

The problem you may have is that because it hasn't activated first time, it doesn't matter how many times you try to install it it will never activate now
It would need a clean install of XP (preferably up to SP3) to clear out the registry entries that are stopping it from activating

I can send you a copy of my version but it would have to be on a DVD by post unless you have a Dropbox or something similar I can send it to
The original DVD size is well over 1 GB and the updates are coming up to 800MB, so if using Dropbox, you would have to have a big enough account

PM me if you're interested with which way you would like it
Just put Lexia 3 download in google and you get loads of hits and youtube tutorial on how to install it. Keygens are often flagged up as trojans by virus checkers so your copy may not be infected.
So where does this bit go then ?
Hi Pitpan

I've completed the installation notes of installing from v7.01 to 7.36, PDF is attached for you to look at

.pdf   Diagbox Software Installation.pdf (Size: 407.93 KB / Downloads: 158)

I will put the rest in the post

I can't send it until Monday at the earliest as I have no Post Office near me that I can get to on Saturday

Hope that's OK
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What a brilliant write-up. We all owe you a pint!
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