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Noisy EGR
Just had oil and filter changed at my friendly local (non Citroen) garage.
Supplied oil, filter and sump plug washer (essential) myself.
They charge £15 to do the job! Bargain, I think.
While there I asked them to 'diagnose' an intermittant, tinny rattle that has been present for a while on tickover. Not a nasty, horrible noise which is why I have left it for a while.
They traced it to the EGR valve. Something appears to be rattling inside.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Is it worth stripping down and inspecting/checking?
Or is it time for a new one?
Anyone changed one. Is it a straightforward DIY job, or leave to the experts?

While on the subject....
Anyone had good/bad results from blanking?
On the 2.0 - throw the thing away.

It does nothing but bad to your engine but it is part of the design to be there. Hence, if you blank it or remove it you may get the MIL and occasional limp mode. But that goes away after a few good starts.

I run without mine and have for a couple of years. I get the above problems, but live with it. It is a nicer drive without and I know that all that cr*p is going out through the exhaust - where it belongs!
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  • j90xxx
My 1.6hdi 2007, didn't like being blanked. Seemed to use a lot more jui[/align]ce
That's suprising. Supposed to run better, cleaner and use less fuel?
Or am I just reading the hype?
Try it. I think it sensed a block and tried to burn it out.
Garage suggested I take the EGR off and take it apart to see what is noisy.
Might have a go at weekend.Confusedcratch:
(10-07-2012, 06:45 PM)corkgsxr Wrote:  Try it. I think it sensed a block and tried to burn it out.

Don't you have to change something in the BSI after blanking?

Decided to put up with the noise. It is only intermittant.
Priced new one, £114.
Will wait till it breaks, or fails, or sticks, or whatever EGR valves do when they die...Confusedcratch:
Is this the EGR valve?
This is what rattles.
Tried to include part no. on photo.
Made by Valeo and located at rear of engine under air filter pipes/housing.
May be difficult to see on standard 1.6HDi, easier to see on mine as have different air filter.
[Image: 11jrd44.jpg]

[Image: 2zyjvqp.jpg]

[Image: 29za0ir.jpg]

Should have done my research first. Confusedillyme:

Yes it is the EGR valve. :thumbsup:
But they are expensive. :S
Found one at £162.00 and one at £342.00! Ouch....
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  • philip
Yep, that's the EGR. Mine went a while back and bought a second hand one on flea bay for £45 and fitted it myself, no big problem. The toughest bit I thought was opening and closing the clip attaching the valve to the expansion chamber, i.e. the clip to the left of the valve in the first of the three pictures above. This was due mainly to the fact that I didn't have the correct tools, I opened it with a flat screw driver and closed it with a pair of pliers. It wasn't that big of a job, more worried about the fact that I didn't have the tools.

Plus there is a metal gasket between the valve and the engine which fell out when I was taking the valve off landing on the ground under the van. It was the following day when I seen it lying there that I realised what it was for and had to unbolt the valve again and fit it... A bit of a blond moment...
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Will have a trawl around ebay.
Found a new one on there for £114, but it's gone. Confusedillyme:
Thanks for the info, may even attempt it myself.
And the leaking clutch slave cylinder, the leaking power steering pump and the weld that has broke on the top of the clutch pedal.... :eek:

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