[Tires & Wheels] Winter tyres for '11 e-HDI90 Airdream semi-auto
Hi - newbie to forums here. please read slowly as I am only typing with one finger. Just chopped in the faithful '06 1.6 HDI multispace ( which I bought new,but with 92k on the clock I thought I'd upgrade before any expensive repairs ) for a e-HDI 90 Airdream EGS. I was sad to see the old one go but after a round trip to the south of France ,which included an hour long traffic jam I wanted something that had automatic gears and cruise control.
I note that this model, unlike other current Berlingo's with 16", has 15" wheels. The dealer couldn't say precisely why this was the case. Anybody got any ideas.
I'm buying a spare set of steel rims with Nexen Eurowins fitted from the dealer ( the choice was those or Matador MPS520's or Dunlop SP LT60,s)
Does anyone have any experience of these winter tyres?
Reviews look favourable Tintin!

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I've only driven on a few different winter tyres, not the ones you mention, but from that limited experience I think even a budget winter tyre will be 10 times better than a great summer tyre.
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Hi,Welcome- was told by dealer that the steel 15 inch wheels were to do with keeping emissions levels down.(eh?!) I think it was to keep the costs down probably.Should maybe contact Citroen UK for definite answer. I know Auto Express done a review of Winter Tyres recently-you can check out their website.
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Thanks guys for your response. Taxi - tried that route but they bounced me back to the dealer. I think you,re right Snowman - although the old Berlingo on it,s standard tyres was pretty good last year ,winter tyres have got to be better still . I used to have a Citroen G.S that ,with it's large ,thin tyres and suspension height raised to maximum,could go where polar bears couldn't. It was pretty good in the desert sands of Oman too !
lets see a piccy of new machine then.
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(19-11-2011, 05:58 PM)pch Wrote:  lets see a piccy of new machine then.

I am to latest technology as salt is to a slug. I think I have a digital camera somewhere - I'll dig it out and capture an image. Ah yes- then I have to upload it. I wonder if one of my grandchildren is around tomorrow....?


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