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Window glass slipped
Afternoon everyone - hope the sun's shining where you are Smile

Yesterday my driver's window glass slipped into the door - not all of it and managed to grab it and put it back in place. Today I'm trying to fix it:S There's nothing wrong with the wiring or switch etc, all work apart from the glass has slipped.

The window glass fell right into the body of the door when I tried the electric switch today. I have managed to get the glass out by loosening all the bolts attached to the window regulator. However I don't know how to put the glass back in place. I've looked down the opening where the glass goes and I can't see anything that the glass would rest on when going up and down :S. What I can see is a hole in the glass at the bottom on the left as if a bolt goes through it but nothing seems to correspond to this.

Once I get the driver's side fixed I will know how to fix the passenger side - that window has never opened even though the motor, switch and fuse are all working - noises happen but the window doesn't move. Really need to get them both fixed as there is no air con and it's getting warmer by the day Big Grin

All help very much appreciated Big Grin.

As an update on Van Diesel - it has had a new timing belt, new auxiliary belt, new water pump, new battery and a couple of new seals - £650! Because of this expense it still hasn't had a full service but it's the next plan.

I've painted the back of the rear seats and the luggage floor and also fitted a reclaimed boot liner! It is looking much smarter now. Still haven't sorted the roof liner but plan to go to a scrappy when I have some money and get that and all the plastic trims for the luggage area that are missing or dog-chewed Smile[/align]
Your plastic clips have disintegrated.

These are sold as a replacement kit via Fleabayers in Turkey (where they are made) and Germany (where much of Turkey now lives). Not expensive and most of the sellers are quadrilingual.

Replacement isn't too hard, there are videos in French with good pictures on YouTube (suggest searching with keywords Berlingo and leve-vitre). It's strongly recommended to use synthetic grease on the plastic clips as plain old petroleum greases can embrittle the plastic, making the clips break...

Oh, and while it is not sunny right now, I have been graced with the opportunity to recently work 100 metres from the surf at Bondi Beach. Weather's been just marvellous. Smile
Thanks very much Addo, I'll just put it back in place, if I can, and order the clips.

Are these what I'm looking for?

PS glad Bondi Beach is just swell for you. Warm and sunny here but pestered by those flying ants or are they just black flies - they seem to have hatched yesterday and are driving me nuts - keep landing on my Haynes manual!!
They're the plastic clips. Note the seller is Turkish but in the UK! :lol:

If the three cables look fine, clips are all you need.

Comment: I don't like the video approach of "snapping" the clips into the metal channels. I always slide them in from the end.

Also, I had a girlfriend who used to shut the doors like it was a tank or something. Not out of anger, just heavy-handed. It caused a few broken clips; the moral of this story is adjust your door strikers well and close the doors gently!
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They're that cheap?

I'm ordering a couple of sets, too.
(2 for driver's side, one for passenger side. Broke them on the driver's side on my previous Berlingo when I tried to open the window on approach to a toll-booth one winter... Window pane had frozen to the rubber... )
(19-05-2014, 06:48 PM)Gadgetman Wrote:  They're that cheap?

I'm ordering a couple of sets, too.
(2 for driver's side, one for passenger side. Broke them on the driver's side on my previous Berlingo when I tried to open the window on approach to a toll-booth one winter... Window pane had frozen to the rubber... )

Me too at that price, as passenger side might need replacing soon too - once I've had a look at it. It's nice to know that this repair won't cost a month's wages Smile for a change.

I use a silicone spray on the window rubbers to keep it moving freely.

Toolstation sell it quite cheap.

I use silicone spray, too, but hadn't done a proper job on the window rubber that winter.
(You need to pull it away from the window and apply on the 'inside' to eliminate the risk of breakage. And if you park it outside in freezing rain, the ice buildup on the window may be too much anyway.)

Anyway, as plastic gets brittle as it ages, it won't hurt to have spares...
Thanks guys, window now fixed with the new plastic clips. Took 4 hours due to my husband struggling to get one wire to stretch to the fixing point but he solved it by trimming the wire casing.

Now the passenger side can be tackled, not sure what the problem is with it as the motor seems to work but nothing moves - perhaps a snapped wire? Not taken the door panel off yet. I think that's a job for next week :lol:

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